Miamian Magazine

On the cover

Looking through 10 years of photos, it’s hard to choose just one. Thanks to the Hodges for their assistance in selecting some favorites for use in a collage.

Miamian Cover Story
Precious Miami Years
As they prepare to “graduate,” the Hodges recall special times during their 10 years at Miami.

Miamian Feature Story
Taking Up the Gavel
He dreaded the baggage that comes with the high-profile position. Still, Paul Ryan ’92 is now Speaker of the House.

Miamian Feature Story
Apocalypse. Ready.
You’ve never seen women’s clothing like this before. Up-and-coming designer Azmara Asefa ’08 wants it that way.

From the Hub
David and Valerie say thanks.

Back & Forth
To and from the editor.

Along Slant Walk
Campus news highlights.

Such a Life
Fine-tune your questions.

Inquiry + Innovation
Sculpture students form friendships in community.

Media Matters
New works by alumni.

My Story
Young runner relearns baby steps after stroke.

Love & Honor
As veterans memorial takes shape on Oxford campus, Alumni Association seeks alums who have served.

Class Notes
Notes, news, and weddings.

Spring 2016 Obituaries.

Days of Old
Dusting off a historical gem from the archives.

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Miamian, Miami University's alumni magazine, highlights alumni, student, faculty, and staff involvement with the University, updating readers on campus news and events, arts, sports, and alumni news. Miami's primary communication link with alumni and close friends of the University, the magazine sets out to inform and entertain while generating a sense of knowledge and involvement with Miami University. Miamian is published three times a year.

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