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Spring Summer 2015 Miamian Magazine: KICKSTARTING
            CREATIVITY -
            Missy Sherburne ’93
            chalks up revolutionary
            charity’s success to
            creative teachers and
            their innovative ideas.

On the cover

Nearly 165 years after “The Bee-Man of Oxford” tapped into “bee space” to create a movable frame hive, beekeepers still use his invention to enjoy “complete control of the combs.” Photo: © Ludmila Smite/Fotolia.

Miamian Cover Story
Plight of the Honeybee
The Father of American Beekeeping, Oxford’s own Lorenzo Langstroth, would be fascinated by Alex Zomchek’s work to save the invaluable pollinator.

Miamian Feature Story
A Place to Call Home
Lisa Pape ’88, national director of Homeless Programs for the VA, is dealing with causes that put veterans on the street.

Miamian Feature Story
A Giant in a World of Miniatures
One of the originators of Dungeons & Dragons, Bruce “Duke” Seifried ’57 is a pioneer in adventure gaming.

From the Hub
Accentuate the positive.

Back & Forth
To and from the editor.

Along Slant Walk
Campus news highlights.

Such A Life
Exploring today’s Cuba.

Inquiry + Innovation
Redesigned toy car gives toddlers greater mobility.

Media Matters
New works by alumni.

My Story
Fostering friendship over bacon and eggs.

Love & Honor
As freshmen move in, alums share their own first-day memories and support of the incoming class.

Class Notes
Notes, news, and weddings.

Fall 2015 Obituaries.

Days of Old
Dusting off a historical gem from the archives.

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