History and tradition

King 50 Alumni Reflections
Last October, Dean and University Librarian Jerome Conley, in partnership with the Miami University Alumni Association, put out a call for your Miami Libraries reflections.

From the Heritage Collections – <br>The Great Blizzard of ’78
There is nothing quite like a fresh coat of snow to beautify Miami University’s already magnificent campus, but, those who were on campus in January 1978 remember an event that brought about far too much of that “beauty.”

From the Heritage Collections: In the words of The Miami Student
Almost from Miami University’s beginning, The Miami Student has told the stories of Miami and the world from the unique perspective of students living out their generation’s Miami Experience.

From the Heritage Collections: A History of the Miami Libraries
As King Library celebrates 50 years this month, take a look back through nearly 200 years of Miami Libraries history.

From the Heritage Collections: Echoes from Miami inaugurations past
From Bishop to Hodge, these 10 echoes from Miami inaugurations past tell of leadership, trials and hopes for what Miami would become.

From the Heritage Collections: Celebrating WMUB
Five decades of Miami student broadcasting history captured within special collections exhibit and digital online archive.

Saluting our Veterans
Since 1861, when Miami University classmates marched side-by-side to Oxford’s Elm Street train station to fight on opposing sides of a civil war, Miami men and women have carried on an exemplary military tradition that has given rise to admirals, generals, heroes and those who simply did their part because their country asked. Please enjoy stories, compiled by Miami students as part of a history practicum course.

Learn the history behind Miami University Middletown
This is a series of historical vignettes tracing the work of the community and Miami University that led to the opening of Miami University Middletown in September 1966.

Miami Mysteries and Ghost Stories
Stories from the archives including discussion of the events surrounding the Ron Tammen Disappearance narrated by Dr. Shriver.

Miami University Libraries - Digital Collections
Miami University Libraries digital collections contain thousands of digital objects -including photographs, advertising tradecards, newspapers, manuscripts, and videos- from the collections of the University Libraries.

An Alumni Association That Serves
With the challenging days of World War II behind them, hundreds of Miami University alumni flocked back to campus for Homecoming in October 1945. For most, it was their first trip back to Oxford since 1941, and the atmosphere – like that of the nation – was filled with promise.
Weathering the Storm
With Miami University’s Alumni Association on the cusp of bigger and better things, a tumultuous time in American history intervened and stalled the organization’s momentum.
Organization is the Key to Success
The “Roaring 20s” brought with them huge bouts of unsuppressed enthusiasm and interests were once again peaked with regard to the reorganization efforts of the Alumni Association. Although initial fundraising efforts proved to be ineffective; alumni tenacity proved steadfast as they set their sights on other projects.  The first of these ventures began during Alumni Day in June 1921.
The effects of World War I were felt throughout the nation, and this was especially true for local universities like Miami. The war greatly impacted the alumni campaign for reorganization and was especially troubling to a university that had recently reopened its doors. While the war raged overseas, the needs of Miami University were felt closer to home.
Second Chances
Forced to close its doors in 1873, the hallowed halls of Old Miami lay dormant for 12 long years, but even a vacant campus could not deter Miami’s alumni.

The End of an Era
The end of the Civil War brought with it the initial attempts to organize Miami University alumni. The overwhelming impact of the war had left the university in an undesirable state. Armed with the knowledge that their alma mater was in distress, Cincinnati alumni called for action. On February 5, 1867, their rally cry was answered.
Early Stirrings
Over the past year, the History and Traditions section has provided readers with fascinating information about the history surrounding Miami University. This year we have decided to focus primarily on Alumni Association history. The Alumni Association has a colorful and rich history that makes for a variety of interesting traditions and tales. I invite you to explore our unique past. After all, it is only when we know where we came from that we begin to understand where we are going.
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