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If your idea of healthy is a diet soda and you’ve not had much access to fruits and vegetables, how do you reframe your thinking about an apple? That is the question. Photo by Holly Clark.

Miamian Cover Story
Resetting the Table
Can an entire community change its diet and adopt healthy eating habits? That’s the key question for researcher Darcy Freedman ’98, who is studying a Cleveland community.

Miamian Feature Story
Zika Hunters
As Zika flies around the world on the wings of mosquitoes and airplanes, Amy Altman ’93 MS ’96 and Miami assistant professor Dhananjai Rao battle the epidemic every day.

Miamian Feature Story
Simply the Beth
Nearly everything is fair fodder for up-and-coming comedian Beth Stelling ’07. She works hard at her funny business, and star makers are noticing.

From the Hub
What Do You See?

Back & Forth
To and From the Editor

Along Slant Walk
Campus News Highlights

Such a Life
A Colorful Inauguration

Inquiry + Innovation
Real Empathy, Real Designs
Wanting to make life a little easier for refugees, 16 Miami students designed sun shelters, greenhouses, playgrounds, and other structures for the Zaatari refugee camp.

Media Matters
Tackling Hard Topics
“I write so that I can help young folks and old folks learn to become better listeners, so that we can learn how to better love each other, and so that we have the courage and the conviction to stand up in the face of injustice,” says Brendan Kiely ’99.

My Story
Such a Place
Walking home after picking up my cap and gown, I passed a group of families with the iconic red “Make it Miami” bags. … I silently whispered, “Let’s trade bags,” and that got me thinking of when I was in their shoes.

Love & Honor
18 of the Last 9 Honorees

Class Notes
Notes, News, and Weddings

Fall 2016 Obituaries

Days of Old
Middletown Campus Celebrates Its 50th

Online Exclusive:
The Inauguration of Gregory P. Crawford
View the photo gallery and watch the ceremony of the inauguration of Miami’s 22nd president.

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Miamian, Miami University's alumni magazine, highlights alumni, student, faculty, and staff involvement with the University, updating readers on campus news and events, arts, sports, and alumni news. Miami's primary communication link with alumni and close friends of the University, the magazine sets out to inform and entertain while generating a sense of knowledge and involvement with Miami University. Miamian is published three times a year.