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Summer 2016 Miamian - A NEW ERA
            Greg and Renate Crawford,
            new president and first lady,
            join our Miami family - In this issue: Best Buddies Bond,
            Ode to Summertime,
            Moving Moments

On the cover

Greg and Renate Crawford, new president and first lady, join our Miami family.

Online Exclusive:
Crawford’s Corner
Follow President Crawford's blog as he shares his thoughts and reflections on a variety of topics. Be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss a post.

Miamian Cover Story
In High Gear
Greg Crawford, Miami University’s new president, and his wife, Renate, embrace challenges with the enthusiasm of children. That seems fitting as their multiple bike rides across the U.S. have all been for children, sick children enduring a deadly disease with no cure. As of yet.

Miamian Feature Story
‘Life’s a Happy Song’
They hug. They sing. Then they hug some more. Perhaps not typical behavior during a choir rehearsal, but this group isn’t typical.

Miamian Feature Story
Baseball, Ice Cream, & Apple Pie
Offered as a summertime treat, these three separate features share fun baseball anecdotes, give a taste of what Graeter’s is all about, and look at life as a pie shop owner/actress in body-conscious Hollywood.

From the Hub
Wide Open Future
A letter from Miami University’s 22nd President.

Back & Forth
To and from the editor.

Along Slant Walk
Campus news highlights.

Such a Life
Dynamic digital interns.

Inquiry + Innovation
Temperatures Rising
Climate change is rapidly warming the surface waters of lakes around the world, according to a new study spanning six continents by more than 60 scientists, including Craig Williamson, Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecosystem Ecology at Miami University.

Media Matters
Not Your Father’s Poisons
Talk about toxic chemicals used to mean discussing how alcohol damaged your liver and cigarette smoke scarred your lungs — straightforward cause-and-effect stuff with overt impacts. In today’s “chemical soup” world, outcomes aren’t as predictable...

My Story
Beyond Wood and Brick
It was my 65th birthday. It was the moment I knew I could leave my home. Saying farewell to a home with history, cultivated through 26 years of family doings ranks high on my list of life’s challenges.

Love & Honor
Alumni Weekend 2016
Alumni Weekend started out hot and humid. Then skies cleared for a lovely time with friends and family.

Class Notes
Notes, news, and weddings.

Summer 2016 Obituaries.

Days of Old
Dusting off a historical gem from the archives.

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