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See the world with the Miami Explorers, the official travel program of the Miami University Alumni Association.


National Parks & Classic Lodge of the West
June 22-July 1, 2016
Inspiration, a connection to the past and nature's unmatched beauty are the gifts of this 10-day American expedition through the Western United States.

Baltic and Scandinavian Treasures

Exploring Iceland

Majestic Great Lakes

Flavors of Northern Italy
September 17-25, 2016
Join a small group for your own intimate nine-day journey to the culinary and cultural heart of Northern Italy—a region brimming with exquisite local wines, specialty ingredients, soul-satisfying signature dishes and the wonderful Italians who conjure them with time-honored techniques.

Odysseys of Ancient Civilizations
September 19-27, 2016
Cruise from the picture-perfect canals of Venice along the stunning Dalmatian coast through the Corinth Canal to Athens.

Croatia's Adriatic Coast
October 3-14, 2016
Admire the diverse scenery and experience the vibrant cultural heritage of Croatia, a trove of historic cities, pristine parkland and miles of sun-drenched Adriatic coastline.

European Empires of Artistry
October 14-22, 2016
Trace the remnants of ancient empires and revel in the Mediterranean’s striking beauty as you sail to Spain, France, Monaco and Italy aboard Oceania Cruises’ graceful Nautica.

Adriatic Gems
November 1-9, 2016
Discover the remnants of ancient empires and the spellbinding beauty of Southern Europe as you cruise the fabled waters of the Adriatic Sea aboard Oceania Cruises’ chic Riviera.

Cuban Discovery
November 10-18, 2016
Specially designed to showcase the island’s authentic spirit, this nine-day adventure goes beyond the tourist surface to reveal the rich culture, compelling history and architectural majesty of this long-forbidden island on the verge of great change.

Sparkling South Pacific

January 25 - February 4, 2017

Experience the incredible beauty of French Polynesia from the luxurious comfort of Sirena, Oceania Cruises’ newest ship. This extraordinary itinerary provides the perfect blend of glittering turquoise lagoons and idyllic, slow-paced islands, with visits to Bora Bora, Moorea, Rangiroa, and more.



Travel News

Don’t miss out on an exciting alumni travel opportunity
Take a journey with fellow alumni to Northern Italy Sept. 17-25. Make your reservation today!

Miami Explorers featured trip: Croatia's Adriatic Coast
Oct. 10-21, 2016 
Admire the diverse scenery and experience the vibrant cultural heritage of Croatia, a trove of historic cities, pristine parkland and miles of sun-drenched Adriatic coastline.

2016 Travel Brochure
Your next (or first) adventure awaits! A new itinerary of alumni travel destinations has been announced for 2016. If you would like to receive a copy of the brochure, click here.

From the desk of the Director of Travel Programs

Dear Alumni and Friends:

Miami Explorers, the Miami University Alumni Association travel program, offers an opportunity for camaraderie while providing you with an educational, rewarding, and unforgettable experience.  Our goal is to offer enriching travel experiences to enhance your lifelong education, while strengthening your connection with Miami.

Some trip departures are exclusive to Miami Explorers, and some are shared with similar organizations. Space is limited on most departures, so be sure to plan ahead to avoid disappointment. 

We do limited mailings for our programs, but want to be sure everyone interested in a specific trip receives the detailed information. So, please take a few minutes to indicate the trips you are interested in and the brochures will be mailed to you when they are available.

I look forward to helping you plan your adventures.


Kathryn Myles '89, MGS '91
Director of Travel Programs

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