Bicentennial Tour

As Miami University celebrated her 200th year, Miamians across the nation and around the globe shared in a year-long celebration honoring the key moments, people and places that have shaped the Miami Experience of more than 200,000 alumni, parents and friends.

The Miami University Bicentennial Tour brought this visual journey across the country to weave the story of Miami’s first 200 years through a collection of iconic photographs, historical documents and graphic renderings, venturing from Old Miami to New Miami and tomorrow’s Miami.

President David and Mrs. Valerie Hodge joined alumni across the country in this moment where the past and the future meet in celebration and anticipation of the enduring idea that is Miami.

The Bicentennial Tour has already been presented at the following locations:

Dayton, OH Area Bicentennial Tour
March 24, 2009

Cleveland, OH Area Bicentennial Tour
March 25, 2009

Atlanta, GA Area Bicentennial Tour
April 07, 2009

Columbus, OH Area Bicentennial Tour
April 28, 2009

Indianapolis, IN Area Bicentennial Tour
June 03, 2009

Denver, CO Area Bicentennial Tour
August 12, 2009

Cincinnati Area Bicentennial Tour
September 04, 2009

Chicago Area Bicentennial Tour
September 09, 2009

New York City Bicentennial Tour
September 30, 2009

Washington, DC Bicentennial Tour
October 20, 2009

The Carolinas Bicentennial Tour
November 04, 2009

San Francisco Bicentennial Tour
December 3, 2009

Southern California Bicentennial Tour
December 5, 2009

Phoenix Bicentennial Tour
February 3, 2010

Winter College (Coral Gables, FL) Bicentennial Tour
February 26, 2010

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