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Farmer School of Business

Quality and Values
Students in the Farmer School of Business develop the entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation for great ideas. Whether they eventually start their own businesses or make productive contributions within larger organizations, business graduates continue the 200-year Miami University tradition of excellence by challenging assumptions, working productively with others and bringing a creative approach to real-world problems.

To continue growing, the Farmer School of Business has identified several critical areas of importance.

A Home for 21st Century Business Education
Several major donors have provided the private funds to complete this state-of-the-art home for the Farmer School. This handsome building, featuring a trading room, library and computer center, and medium-sized auditorium, will foster an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to business education. Additional gifts are being sought to provide program support.

The Next Generation of Teacher Scholars
To commemorate its Bicentennial, Miami University has launched its Professorships Initiative, a generous matching gifts program it hopes will inspire funding for 100 endowed faculty positions. Endowed professorships and chairs allow Miami to attract world-class scholars who will offer new opportunities for students and enhance the university’s ability to compete with the nation’s top institutions.

In addition, the Farmer Family Foundation is offering a 1:2 match for those who seek to endow Farmer Chairs for Assistant Professors. This program allows the school to offer five year endowed positions to promising faculty members at the start of their careers.

International Study Scholarships
Given the demands of today’s global marketplace, students must be prepared for leadership in an international arena. Part of such preparation includes an immersion study-abroad experience. The Farmer School is taking an aggressive approach to developing study opportunities beyond the United States and seeks a substantial scholarship endowment to ensure that all students can take advantage of these transformational programs.

Values-Based Education
MBA Program
Miami’s graduate business education develops people who wish to lead, own, create and transform substantive business enterprises. The MBA program curriculum integrates the functional areas of business and blends classroom with practical experiences that address the realities of the global, high-tech marketplace.

Centers of Excellence
The school seeks endowed faculty and program support to build on the strengths of its Centers of Excellence: the Thomas C. Page Center for Entrepreneurship, the Center for Supply Chain Management, and the Center for Business Excellence.

Business Honors Program
The school seeks an endowment to support its new Business Honors Program. The program admits approximately 40 highly qualified students each year.

Technology and Equipment
The school’s instructional programs must keep abreast of the technological advances—real-time data streaming and teleconferencing—students must master for success in their careers. An endowment fund will enable the school to renew its technologies continually.

The Farmer School of Business produces exceptional business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Scholarships to Support Student Diversity
The school seeks a student body reflective of the races, cultures and ethnicities represented in the workplace. A scholarship endowment will help advance progress toward that goal by ensuring that students from a variety of backgrounds have equal access to a Miami business education.

For Love and Honor
With generous gifts of all sizes from alumni, friends and businesses, the Farmer School of Business will achieve its goal of becoming a top, nationally ranked business school. Please consider making a gift to the Farmer School of Business during The Miami University Campaign For Love and Honor, which concludes on December 31, 2013.


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