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KPMG renews partnership with Miami's Center of Business Excellence

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KPMG, a global audit, tax and advisory leader, has renewed its partnership with Miami University's Center for Business Excellence (CBE), committing an additional $120,000 over the next three years to support curriculum development initiative grants for faculty.

The support, which builds on a previous three-year, $120,000 commitment, brings KPMG’s total commitment to the center’s initiative to $240,000 and comes from Miami alumni working within KPMG and a matching gift grant from the KPMG Foundation. The faculty grants fund the development of course modules that link the study of different disciplines to the CBE’s principles of integrity (e.g., corporate governance), leadership (e.g., risk management), and/or transparency (e.g., business sustainability and reporting).

Brian Ballou and Dan Heitger, CBE co-directors, explained that the grants encourage faculty to step outside their disciplines in training students to solve business challenges.

“The goal is to apply cutting-edge, interdisciplinary thinking to big business problems,” said Heitger. “Business leaders are limited in their ability to address today’s problems if they’re not willing to step outside their traditional training. By cutting across academic silos, these modules allow faculty and students to gain broader perspectives and develop innovative solutions.”

KPMG’s previous commitment funded 14 grants, and the current support will provide additional grants while also creating an administrative position to manage, promote and implement the course modules both within and outside of Miami. The modules include course notes, slides, case studies, suggested speakers, and activities for four classes and possess the flexibility and adaptability to seamlessly fit into an existing course curriculum. The CBE and KPMG are also co-branding a web portal that will make the course modules available globally.

“We are grateful that KPMG has chosen to support this initiative, which is really a natural partnership,” said Ballou. “KPMG is an international firm that consults in sustainable practices, corporate governance, and risk management. Miami is known as an incubator for innovative curriculum and leadership development. Together we’re working to develop a new generation of business leaders trained to look outside their discipline for solutions.”

Among the course modules already developed is “Modeling Cultural Transparency for Decision Making,” developed by Miami's Mark Peterson, associate professor of anthropology. It examines the importance of understanding cultural issues in today’s global market while using examples of executives and companies who have erred by not understanding the important role these issues play in the business place. The concept is extremely relevant to business students while also connecting anthropology students to the business world.

Founded in April 2006, The Center for Business Excellence seeks to create generations of leaders focused on long-term organizational value. Located within the Farmer School of Business, it works with faculty, students and companies of all kinds to improve organizational decision-making through a framework of integrity, leadership, and transparency.

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