Dave Roberts Award

About the Dave Roberts Award

Created by the Division of University Advancement in 1995, the Dave Roberts Award recognizes a Miami faculty/staff member who consistently goes beyond the call of duty in service to the division. The award was named for a member of Miami’s Physical Facilities Department who made extraordinary contributions to the division and the Alumni Association.


Past Recipients

2017 Melissa Mendenhall
2016 Debbie Mason ’15
Assistant to the President
2015 Brent Shock ’92
Student Financial Assistance
2013 Bruce Guiot
Finance & Business Services
2012 Jeffrey A. Sabo
University Communications
2010-2011 Mark Freidline
Recreational Sports
2009 Ethan Sperry
School of Fine Arts
2007 John Skillings ’71
College of Arts & Science
2006 Glenn Platt
School of Business
2005 Donald King
Shriver Center
2004 Tom Pekar
Dan Reece
Physical Facilities
2003 The Department of Physical Facilities
The Department of Telecommunications
2002 Joan L. Robinson
Mitzi L. Wallen
Building Services, Physical Facilities
2000 Cynthia Ripberger
Assistant Controller, General Accounting
1999 Lawrence D. Beer
Master Sign Crafter, Physical Facilities
1998 George Yanchak
Associate Director, Student Financial Aid
1997 Betty H. Herold
Hostess, Simpson House
1996 Adolph Haislar
Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services
1995 Donald C. Revelee
Manager, Trucking and Special Services