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A good place
to call home - OXFORD OHIO USA -
Miami’s hometown of Oxford, Ohio, is basking in the
national spotlight these days after being touted by
several online rankings as an excellent place to live.
Miami’s hometown of Oxford, Ohio, is basking in the national spotlight these days after being touted by several online rankings as an excellent place to live.

came in third on Livability’s list for 10 Best College Towns at the start of this past academic year. The editors said Miami students and Oxford residents “enjoy a low crime rate, a thriving arts and cultural scene, affordable housing, and great schools.”

Examining various factors, including walkability, entertainment scenes, and recreational opportunities, they also looked at the partnership between college and town.

“Oxford has evolved around the campus of Miami and grown with the school,” the Livability editors said. “Many historic homes, school buildings, and stores, including those in Mile Square, create an almost whimsical link to the past.”

Town residents and Miamians alike were especially proud when, at the end of first semester, WalletHub ranked Oxford the No. 1 best college town in the U.S. among 280 cities.

WalletHub writer Richie Bernardo said the personal finance website analyzed 23 metrics, including the quality of higher education, crime rates, and the cost of living to find the cities and towns “that promise the best or worst combination of academic, social, and economic atmospheres.”

Oxford’s top ranking caught the attention of Forbes staff writer Kathryn Dill, who expounded on it in her article “The 10 Best and Worst College Cities and Towns in the U.S.”

“Geography may have a bigger impact on college experience than many students realize,” Dill wrote. “WalletHub also took into consideration the average monthly cost of purchases akin to college students, like a fitness center membership or pizza and burgers. Oxford has one of the highest percentages of students per capita, one of the highest percentages of part-time jobs, and among the lowest occurrences of brain drain (the annual change in the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher).”

In May the financial services website NerdWallet announced that Oxford sits at No. 3 on its list of top 100 cities with the fastest growing middle class.

This study examined census data for 1,946 U.S. cities to find where average middle-class income increased the most from 2007 to 2013. Its numbers for Oxford were: population — 21,483, middle-class share of aggregate income — 41.97 percent, 2007- 2013 change in middle-class share of aggregate household income — 11.33 percent.

NerdWallet reporter Sreekar Jasthi stated, “Nearly all of the places where the middle class is growing stronger are small cities.

“In large cities, the average middle-class income of about $52,194 is 16 percent lower than the average household income of $62,150 earned by the middle class in smaller cities,” Jasthi wrote. “These figures reflect a narrative that has long existed — that suburbia is a friendlier place for the middle class than large urban centers and the challenges of those locations, such as cost of living, safety, and quality of schools.”

That’s no surprise to the Miami alumni who have called Oxford their home for four years or more, many staying here to raise their families and foster their careers. With all these kudos, this seems like a perfect time to share recent photos of Uptown with its red-bricked streets, charming shops, gorgeous parks, and popular local eateries. Enjoy.

Between the Miami Natural Areas and Hueston Woods State Park, Oxford is surrounded by over 40 miles of recreational trails. Craving Mac & Joe’s steak hoagie or Skipper’s cheese fries? They’re still Uptown [1], along with more than 20 other locally owned restaurants and shops. The Oxford Memorial Park [2] opened in 2000, two years after the water tower was removed. It hosts numerous community and university events, such as the music festival every Thursday evening in the summer and the Latin American and Caribbean UniDiversity Festival in September. Talawanda School District, which is Oxford’s school district, and Miami University enjoy a great partnership with more than 600 university students volunteering [3] in the local schools every semester.

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