Class of 1989

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Reunion Committee

Amy A. Bartter - Chair   Michael Schoedinger
TJ McCarthy   Jeff Shook
Lisa A. Raterman   Warren Smiley
Mark D. Rossi  

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Class Scholarship

Although your class reunion is a time to look back fondly on your Miami years, it's also an opportunity for you and your classmates to renew your commitment to Miami's future. Reunion giving has become a tradition at Miami and we hope you will be a part of that tradition by making a gift to commemorate your reunion year.  Make a gift today!


Remember When?

Freshman Year 1985-1986

Homecoming 1985

  • Miami Redskins defeat OU for 29-22 for Homecoming 1985
  • Dionne Warwick and Yalie Robert Klein perform for Parents’ Weekend
  • Simon Wiesenthal and John Glenn visit Miami
  • Van Voorhis Hall is demolished
  • The new biological sciences building (Pearson Hall) is completed
  • Kool and the Gang plays Millett Hall Kool and the Gang plays Millett
  • Men’s basketball clinches the MAC Championship
  • Men’s Cross Country clinches fifth consecutive MAC title
  • Redskin football surprises all by a second place finish in the MAC and a 7-1-1 conference record
  • Miami soccer selected as best team in the state with a 14-2-2 season
  • Volleyball places 2nd in the MAC with a 28-5 season
  • Women’s swimming clinches fifth consecutive MAC championship
  • Women’s tennis takes 6th consecutive MAC championship

Sophomore Year 1986-1987
  • Van Voorhis Hall is demolished
  • Miami changes its phone system to completely touch-tone. No more calling cards for long distance
  • Redskins defeat BGSU 24-7 for Homecoming 1986
  • Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and George Burns perform for Parents’ Weekend 1986
Reid Hall after fire
  • Reid Hall catches fire over Easter Weekend, causing $500,000 in damage
  • Redskin football MAC champs with 8-3 record
Miami MAC Champions
  • Women’s Swimming takes the MAC Championship with a 7-5 record
  • Women’s tennis takes 1st in MAC with an 18-5 record

Junior Year 1987-1988
  • Bob Hope performs for Parents’ Weekend 1987
water shortage
  • A water shortage hits Oxford
  • R.E.M. plays Millett Hall
  • Sting performs at Miami University
  • Charter Day Ball 1988 “An Affair with Flair”
Charter Day Ball
  • Jay Leno performs

SEnior Year 1988-1989
  • Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush visits campus

Presidential Candidate Bush

  • “The Big Game” Commemorating 100 years of rivalry with Cincinnati
  • Homecoming 1988 “There’s no Place like Home”
  • The Kingston Trio performs for Parents’ Weekend 1988
  • Alumnus P.J. O’Rourke visits campus
  • Kurt Vonnegut speaks at Miami
  • UB40 plays Millett Hall
  • A Flock of Seagulls performs
  • The Fixx and Cheap Trick perform

Tom A. Hawk

  • University Senate alters Miami’s Alma-Mater in response to claims it was “sexist”
  • Dean of Students Dr. Robert Etheridge retires after 30 years of service to Miami