Past Commencements and Speakers

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2017 13-May Daryl Baldwin, director of the Myaamia Center at Miami University and a leader in Native American language and cultural revitalization.




2016 9-May Sir Ken Robinson, internationally acclaimed expert on creativity


2016 16-Dec Mark Lacker ’79, John W. Altman Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship and clinical faculty in Miami’s Farmer School of Business. He also is the 2016 Effective Educator.

2015 16-May Bonnie St. John, best-selling author, Paralympic skiing medalist and former White House official VIDEO LINKS
2015 11-Dec Rose Marie Ward, professor of kinesiology and health and the 2015 Effective Educator

2014 17-May Forest Whitaker. Oscar-winning actor VIDEO LINKS
2014 12-Dec Tammy Kernodle, professor of music and the 2014 Effective Educator

2013 11-May Wil Haygood, Author and Journalist

2012 5-May A. R. Rahman, Composer and Musician
2012 14-Dec Gillian Oakenfull, Associate Professor, Marketing, 2012 Ohio Professor of the Year

2011 7-May Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo
2011 16-Dec Charlotte Newman Goldy, Asociate Professor, History, 2011 Effective Educator

2010 7-May Kenneth Merten, US Ambassador to Haiti
2010 17-Dec Ryan Barilleaux, Professor of Political Science, 2010 Effective Educator

2009 9-May Paul Ryan and Steve Driehaus, US Representatives
2009 18-Dec Jon Yamashiro, Associate Professor, Art, 2009 Effective Educator

2008 10-May Robin Roberts, Anchor, ABC News “Good Morning America”
2008 19-Dec Osama Ettouney, Chair and Professor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, 2008-09 Effective Educator

2007 5-May John R. Lewis, US Representative and Civil Rights Activist

2006 7-May-06 Peggy Noonan, Author and Former Presidential Speech Writer
2006 15-Dec Judith de Luce, Chair and Professor, Classics

2005 7-May William Safire, Journalist, Historian, Novelist

2004 8-May Mrs. Jean Sadat, Widow of President Anwar Sadat and Egyptian Women’s Rights Activist
2004 17-Dec Katherine Hone, Student, Fine Arts

2003 5-May Andy Rooney, CBS News correspondent
2003 19-Dec Stacey Kinsey, Student, Education and Allied Professions

2002 5-May Charles Gibson, ABC News Anchor 
2002 13-Dec Irina Dorman, Student, Business Administration

2001 6-May Theodore C. Rogers, Chairman, American Industrial Partners, Great Lakes Carbon, Consoltex, Stanadyne Automotive, and CIS

2000 7-May Joshua T. Pack, Student; Nocole S. Bismark, Student
2000 15-Dec Casey M. Brown, Student, School of Education and Allied Professions

1999 9-May Michael E. Oleshansky, Student, Business; Sarah Berno, Student
1999 17-Dec Victoria Dell Burton, Middletown Student

1998 10-May Colleen M. Dec, Student, School of Applied Science; Jonathan K. David, Student, Arts and Science
1998 21-Aug Diane Frost-Wells, Student, Miami Hamilton
1998 18-Dec Mary K. Rozier, Student, Education and Allied Professions

1997 19-Dec-97 Noah Borrero, Student, Education and Allied Professions; Alyson Bryant Wirth, Student, School of Fine Arts
1997 11-May Nicole M. Valiquet, Student, Education and Allied Professions; Kim Dixon, Student, Interdisciplinary Studies
1997 22-Aug Dianna M. Wesley, Student, Arts and Science; Donald Miller, Student, School of Business

1996 12-May David M. Schmid, Student; Shannon Lopata, Student
1996 23-Aug G. Nathan Carnes and Santha Jones, Students
1996 20-Dec Jennifer Wood Molloy, Student, Applied Science; Lisa Ann Miller, Student, Miami Middletown

1995 7-May Laura E. Curfman, Student; Martin Fish, Student
1995 25-Aug Kristine M. Msnross, Student; Ling-Yi Zhou. Student
1995 22-Dec Gwenael Marie Denome, Student; Julie Momchilov, Student

1994 8-May [No speakers]
1994 19-Aug Christopher Hennon, Student, Aeronautics; Donna Fox, Student, Education
1994 16-Dec Heidi Ferguson, Student, Business; Kristopher M. Kerr, Student. Fine Arts]

1993 9-May C. Michael Gooden, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Systems Analysts [Meeting the challenges of a changing society-on and off the job]
1993 9-May Donald M. Stewart, President, The College Board [Graduates should be "trailblazers" for change, help us to restore our center and dream great dreams again]
1993 20-Aug [No speaker]
1993 17-Dec [No speaker]

1992 10-May John McClaughry, US Senator, Vermont [American experiment in democracy is yours to fulfill, each in your own way]
1992 10-May Stephen Jay Gould, Professor of Zoology, Harvard University [The "new" vs. the "old" knowledge]
1992 21-Aug John Weld Peck, Partner, Peck, Shaffer and Williams, [Graduates should not only pursue careers, but look for areas in which they can help their communities]
1992 18-Dec Todd H. Bailey, Partner, Frost and Jacobs [Commit to charity or community service in addition to your careers]

1991 12-May Clifton R. Wharton, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, College Retirement Equities Fund [We can contribute to the making of our destinies; social change can only be forged in the present]
1991 12-May Thomas J. Moyer, Chief Justice, Ohio Supreme Court [Average individuals can make a difference]
1991 23-Aug Jane Butler Kahle, Condit Professor of Science Education, Department of Teacher Education, Miami University [Privilege of education carries responsibilities]
1991 20-Dec John I. Goodlad, Professor and Director, Center for Educational Review [We confuse much schooled with being well educated]

1990 13-May John W. Altman, Executive Vice President, Continental Polymers
1990 13-May Gene E. Likens, Director, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Vice President, New York Botanical Gardens [Miami graduates need to become environmental activists]
1990 24-Aug Lee Etta Powell, Superintendent, Cincinnati Pubic Schools, [Graduates should be leaders as well as servants and be catalysts in quest for world peace]
1990 21-Dec Kent B. McGough, President, McGough and Associates [Graduates need to be individuals]

1989 7-May Richard T. Farmer, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Cintas Corporation [Cling to your values]
1989 7-May Jill Ker Conway, Historian, MIT [Graduates have responsibility to bring their minds to bear on pressing problems, discipline themselves, and monitor behavior during their professional careers]  
1989 25-Aug Josiah Hillerman Blackmore,II, President, Professor of Law, Capital University "Freedom and Education: Discovering the Reality of Oz"
1989 22-Dec F. Story Musgrave, Astronaut [Space age isn't over yet]

1988 8-May Gilbert M. Grosvenor, President and Chairman of the Board, National Geographic Society [Americans can no longer afford to look arrogantly at the world through their own narrow perspectives]
1988 8-May Rita F. Dove, 1987 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Poetry [Purpose of liberal education is to make students flexible]
1988 19-Aug Lydie Wurth-Polfer, Mayor, City of Luxembourg [In a world increasingly resembling a global village, Atlantic Alliance members need to speak of sharing roles, risks, and responsibilities]
1988 16-Dec John Stone, Professor of Medicine, Associate Dean and Director of Admissions, Emory University School of Medicine, Poet, Writer "The Holy Fire"

1987 10-May Roger L. Howe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, US Precision Lens [In their quest for happiness and success, people must look inward to find out what brings them joy and outward to improving society]
1987 10-May Donald C. Fanta, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Ohio Company [Graduates will be among those expected to make decisions that will change society in the next decade]
1987 21-Aug Ara R. Parseghian, Football Coach, TV Sports Commentator, Businessman, Humanitarian [Seek confidence in yourself]
1987 18-Dec Vernal G. Riffe, Jr. Speaker, Ohio House of Representatives, [Fall back on values and education gained at Miami] 

1986 11-May Richard E. Heckert, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, El Du Pont de Nemors and Co. [Need to solve budget and trade deficit]
1986 11-May Emily T. Vermeule, Professor of Classics, Harvard University, [What the Humanities mean to us]
1986 27-Aug Ernest L. Boyer, President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching [The U.S. needs to experience a love affair with teachers]
1986 X-December 19 Thomas C. Page, Industrialist

1985 12-May John G. Smale, President and Director, Procter and Gamble Company [Today's world better than mankind has lived in before]
1985 12-May Jack Kemp, US Representative, New York [Make America what God meant it to be]
1985 2-Aug Norman Francis, Xavier University, Louisiana [Too many poorly educated high school students, especially among the poor and minorities]
1985 20-Dec Betty L. Siegel-President, Kennesaw College, Marietta, Georgia "Knowledge With Commitment"

1984 15-May Hanna Holborn Gray, President, University of Chicago [Role of education in acquiring critical judgment and developing intellectual liberty]
1984 24-Aug Phillip R. Shriver, Miami President Emeritus, Professor of History [Learning must be a lifelong process]
1984 21-Dec William M. Isaac Chairman of the Board, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [When the pursuit of self-interest benefits society; when it doesn't]

1983 15-May Malcolm S. Forbes, Publisher, Author [Predicts a time of unmatched productivity]
1983 19-Aug Lawrence A. Cremin, Historian, Educator [Revival of Hope]
1983 16-Dec John D. Millett, President Emeritus "The Responsibility of the College Graduate"

1982 17-Dec-82 Elizabeth F. Loftus, Psychologist [Details of latest work on human memory]
1982 16-May George Bush, US Vice President [Peace through strength]
1982 X-August 20, 1982 David Mathews, President, Charles F. Kettering Foundation

1981 10-May Clarence J. Brown, Jr. Congressman, Ohio [Strength of America lays with the individual and the family]
1981 X-August 27 Francis Grove Rodgers, Vice President, Marketing, IBM Corporation
1981 X-December 18 Morris Pollard, Microbiologist

1980 11-May Philip Caldwell, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company [Be prepared to take risks in any field of endeavor]

1979 May 6 Walter Netsch, Architect "Thresholds and Celebrations"
1979 August 24 Walter Beckett, Papermaking Executive "The Profitable Pursuit of Fear"
1979 X-December 21 Lionel H. Newsom, President, Central State University

1978 May 7
Gaston Thorn, Prime Minister of Luxembourg [The new world economic order]
1978 X-August 25 Harold L. Enarson, President, Ohio State University
1978 X-December 22 Landrum Rymer Bolling, Chairman, Council on Foundations

1977 May 15 James B. Reston, Journalist [How you approach personal life, family, friendships, and the life of the nation]
1977 August 19
Everett L. Jung, President, Ohio Board of Education [Better universal education is the weapon to battle social problems]
1977 December 16 Fred Latimer Hadsel, Diplomat and Scholar [Philosophy and character of General George C. Marshall]

1976 March 19 [Informal: Leslie S. Brady, Director, Miami University European Center, Luxembourg, "A Pattern of Fundamentals"]
1976 June 13
William Fulbright, Former US Senator [Qualities of political leadership]
1976 August 26
[Informal: Cynthia Clark Wedell, National Chairman, Volunteers of the American Red Cross, "The Continuing American Revolution"]
1976 December 22 Hugh C. Nichols, Former Chairman, Miami Board of Trustees [Necessity of obeying and complying with the laws]

1975 X-March 14
[Informal: Lucile Crowell Cooks, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Miami University]
1975 June 8
Joseph A. Bernardin, Archbishop of Cincinnati [Need to reassess national and individual values]
1975 X-August 22 [Informal: Martin Essig, Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction]
1975 X-December 12
[Informal: Malcolm Owings, Vice President and General Manager, Beverage Division, Continental Can Company]

1974 June 9
Art Buchwald, Columnist "I Am Not A Crook"
1974 X-August 24
[Informal: John Yeck, Co-owner, Yeck Brothers Group]
1974 December 13 [Informal: Joe Siebert, Professor and Chairman, Marketing Department, Miami University, "What Do You Get for Ten Dollars?"]

1973 June 10 John Hope Franklin, John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor of History, University of Chicago [Current generation must heal scars of economic, social and racial injustice]
1973 August 24
[Informal: Ralph D. Purdy, School of Education, Miami University “From Education to Learning to Education"]
1973 X-December 11
[Informal: H. Bunker Wright, English Professor and Graduate School Dean, Miami University]

1972 March 17
[Informal: W. Fred Cottrell-US Advisory Board for Older Americans, "When I Was A Child"] [No speaker listed in program]
1972 June 11
Alvin Toffler-Author [Current Presidential candidates]
1972 X-August 25
[Informal: C. Neale Bogner, Dean, School of Education, Miami University] [No speaker listed in program]
1972 December 8
[Informal: Gordon Wilson, Miami 1930, English Professor and Archivist, Miami University, "You're in Good Company"] [No speaker listed in program]

1971 June 12
Margaret Mead, Anthropologist "The Undetermined Future?"
1971 August 28
Richard Lugar, Mayor, Indianapolis "New Prospects for New Cities"
1971 X-December 8
[Informal: Walter Havighurst, Research Professor Emeritus of English, Miami University]

1970 June 14
Neil A. Armstrong, Astronaut [Benefits of Apollo program] [Printed]
1970 August 30
Mina Rees, Mathematician, Educator "Unless the Deed Go With It"
1970 December   [Not held?]

1969 April 27
Bob Hope, Comedian and Humanitarian
[Student unrest]
[One of shortest Commencement addresses]
1969 August 24
Bergen Evans, Authority on English Language and Literature
"In Search of Authority"
1969 December 14
Harry B. Cunningham, Chairman and President, S.S. Kresge Company "The Relevance of Business

1968 April 21
Morning-Mark O. Hatfield, US Senator, Oregon [Pitfalls of Vietnam]
1968 April 21
Afternoon-Sargent Shriver, US Ambassador to France, Office of Economic Opportunity [Middle class and the poor]
1968 August 25
Ernest N. Monning, Director of Office of Overseas Schools, US Department of State "Among the New Horizons"
1968 December 22
Wesley W. Posvar, Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh
"The University and the Student in a Changing Society"

1967 April 19
Morning-Fred Harvey Harrington, President, University of Wisconsin
[University as center for teaching, research service]
Afternoon-Birch Bayh, US Senator, Indiana [World service opportunities for college graduates]
1967 August 13
Wendell H. Pierce, Executive Director, Education Commission of the States, Former Superintendent of Schools, Cincinnati, Ohio
"Is Our Education Showing?"
1967 December 21
Patricia Roberts Harris-Member, US Mission to the United Nations, Former Ambassador to Luxembourg "Youth and Age in Today's World"

1966 April 20
Morning and Afternoon-Edith Green-US Representative, 3rd Congressional District, Oregon, "The Rites of Passage to the New Generation of a Nation in the Throes of Soul-searching" ["Showed up late without spare speech text"]
1966 August 14
John Marshall Briley-Chairman, OBOR; Vice President, Owens Corning      Fiberglass Corporation, Toledo "The Nonsense of the New Folklore"
1966 December 18 John W. Peck, Judge, US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals "The Road Behind" 

1965 January 31 James R. Carruthers, President, Stearns and Foster Company
"Service-An Obligation"
1965 June 6 George W. Ball, US Undersecretary of State "The New Diplomacy"
1965 August 29 Anthony Celebrezze, Judge, US Circuit Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit,      Former US Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
[Responsibilities of this generation]
1965 December 19 Walter C. Langsam, President, University of Cincinnati
"What's Right With America"

1964 February 2
John D. Millett, President, Miami University "Social Justice and Liberty"
1964 June 7
Fletcher Knebel, Journalist and Author "Commence What?"
1964 August 23
Vernon L. Cheadle, Chancellor, University of California at Santa Barbara [Character of public universities]

1963 February 3
George A. Bowman, President, Kent State University,
[What kind of American am I; to what moral and spiritual values am I dedicated?]
1963 June 9
Logan T. Johnson, President, Armco Steel "The Common Denominator"
1963 August 24
Harold H. Eibling, Superintendent of Schools, Columbus, Ohio "Visibility-How High? How Far?"

1962 February 4
Howard Foster Lowry, President, College of Wooster "A Law to be Broken"
1962 June 10
Jose' A. Mora, Secretary-General, Organization of American States "The Alliance for Progress: A New Approach to Pan Americanism"
1962 August 25
Robert A. French, Superintendent of Schools, Dayton "Growing Old"

1961 January 29
Hugh Brodner, Research Associate, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, University of California [Form your own opinions; remain introspective and thoughtful]
1961 June 4
Francis John Monkhouse, Professor of Geography and Department Chairman, University of Southampton "Education in Depth"
1961 August 26
Robert Paul Curry, Associate Superintendent of Schools, Cincinnati, Ohio "A Few Questions-Fewer Answers"

1960 January 31
Robert S. Delman, President, National Cash Register Company
"The Challenge of the Sixties"
1960 June 5
T. Keith Glennan, NASA Administrator, President, Case Institute of Technology [Responsibilities of citizenship]
1960 August 31
Paul A. Miller, Superintendent of Schools, Syracuse, New York
"Great Years"

1959 February 1
Herman B. Wells, President, Indiana University [US and Soviet Higher Education]
1959 June 8
Roy E. Larson, President, Time "A Golden Age of Learning"
1959 X-August 26
Charles Frederick Cellarius, Architect of many Miami      University buildings

1958 February 2
Byron S. Hollinshead, Former Director of Technical Assistance for UNESCO "Is European Education Better?"
1958 June 9
Detlew W. Bronk, President, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research "The Challenge of Change"
1958 X-August 27
Arthur S. Flemming, Secretary, United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

1957 February 3
Novice G. Fawcett, President, Ohio State University "The Rediscovery of Home"
1957 June 10
C. William O'Neill, Governor, State of Ohio "Opportunity to Pioneer"[?]
1957 August 28
Edward Ermen, Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Ohio "What is Important?"

1956 February 5
Louis B. Seltzer, Editor-in-Chief, The Scripps-Howard Newspapers in Ohio "Break the Barriers Within Yourself"
1956 June 11
James Scott Kemper, Former US Ambassador to Brazil "Seek, Think, Share" [Printed as a brochure]
1956 August 31
David M. Delo, President, Wagner Lutheran College “The New Frontier"

1955 January 30
Reuben B. Hays, Chairman of the Board, First National Bank of Cincinnati "The World is Moving Ahead-So Go With It"
1955 June 6
Francis Henry Taylor, Retiring Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art "The Arts as a Factor in World Peace"
1955 August 26
Charles Edwin Odogoard, Dean, College of Literature, Science and the Arts, University of Michigan "Unfinished Business"

1954 January 31
John Calhoun Baker, President, Ohio University "Four Pillars of American Democracy”
1954 June 7
George Houk Mead, Chairman of the Board, Mead Corporation "Observations of the Social Role and Responsibilities of Business Executives"
1954 August 27
John Ray Rowe, President, Fifth Third Union Trust Company "Horizons for Today's Graduate"

1953 February 1
Pearl Anderson Wanamaker, Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Washington "Keeping Faith With Education"
1953 June 8
William Fletcher Russell, President, Teachers' College, Columbia University "Teaching is not Child's Play"
1953 August 28
Frances Millet Rogers, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Science, Harvard University "Specialization-More or Less"

1952 February 3
Walter C. Beckjord, President, Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company, "Pattern for Living"
1952 June 9
Stanley Charles Allyn, National Cash Register Company "Wanted: A Common Meeting Ground"
1952 August 29
Claude V. Courter, Superintendent of Cincinnati Schools "Education for the Preservation of Freedom"

1951 February 4
D. Elton Trueblood, Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College [Keep American ideals and aims uncorrupted while struggling against totalitarian aggression of other nations]
1951 June 11
Elmer Lincoln Lindseth, President, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company "Not By Bread Alone"
1951 August 31
Alvin Christian Eurich, President, State University of New York "Words Are Not Enough"

1950 January 29 [First Mid-Year Commencement]
Marvin Pierce, President, McCall Corporation
[The free enterprise system and the further necessity of providing opportunity for those who wish to improve their living standards]
1950 June 12
Raymond Moley, Contributing Editor, Newsweek "The Principles We Live By"
1950 September 1
Charles R. Wilson, History Department Head, Colgate University "The Chips Are Down"

1949 June 6
Harold Glenn Moulton, President, Brookings Institution, Washington, DC "The Reestablishment of World Stability"

1948 June 7
Vi Kyvin Wellington Koo, Chinese Ambassador to the US
"The World at the Cross-Roads"

1947 June 9
Walter H. Judd, Congressman from Minnesota "Which Way Toward Peace"

1946 June 2
Ernest Joseph King, Fleet Admiral, United States Navy "The Graduate and the Citizen"
1946 July 19 Wallace McConnell, Professor of Geography, Miami University "The Danube River Flows Down High Street”

1945 June 3
Beardsley Ruml, Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Treasurer, R. H. Macy and Company "The Aspiration of Freedom"
1945 July 20
James Bertlett Edmonson, Dean, School of Education, University of Michigan "What is Right with American Education"

1944 May 28 Carl J. Hambro, President, Norwegian Parliament
1944 July 14 Robert Guy Buzzard, President, Eastern Illinois State Teachers College

1943 May 31
Raymond Mollyneaux Hughes, President Emeritus, Iowa State U.
1943 July 17
John W. Bricker, Governor of Ohio

1942 June 1 Wat Tyler Cluverius, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy/President, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1942 July 17 Henry Noble Sherwood, Department of History, University of Kentucky

1941 June 9
Irving Maurer, President, Beloit College
1941 July 18 Velorus Martz, Professor of Education, Indiana University

1940 June 10 Hans V. Kaltenborn, Radio News Analyst
1940 July 19
Frank J. Prout, President, Bowling Green State University

1939 June 12
Harold Stonier, Director, The Graduate School of Banking/American Bankers Association
1939 July 21 Frank Pierrepont Graves, President, State University of New York

1938 June 13
Thomas Vernor Smith, Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago and Illinois State Senator
1938 July 29 Arthur J. Klein, Dean, College of Education, Ohio State University

1937 June 14
Allan Nevins, Professor of American History, Columbia University
1937 July 30
George F. Key, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, State University of Iowa

1936 June 15
Raymond Leslie Buell, President, Foreign Policy Association
1936 July 31
Edgar M. Draper, Professor of Education, University of Washington

1935 June 10
Lotus Delta Coffman, President, University of Minnesota
1935 July 26 Eewin Watts Chubb, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Ohio University

1934 June 11
Morris Albert Linton, President, Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company
1934 July 27
Raymond A. Kent, President, University of Louisville

1933 June 12
William Lyon Phelps, Lampson Professor of English, Yale University
1933 July 28 Dean H. L. Smith, School of Education, Indiana University

1932 June 13
Frank Baldwin Jewett, Vice President, American Telephone and Telegraph Company
1932 July 29
President L.A. Pittenger, Ball State Teachers College

1931 June 15
Ogden Mills Reid, editor New York Herald-Tribune
1931 July 31
Henry Noble Sherwood, director of Summer Session University of Louisville

1930 June 9
Charles Moore, Chairman National Commission of Fine Arts
1930 July 25
Arthur Jay Klein, Specialist in Higher Education, US Office of Education

1929 June 10
Albert Shaw, editor, American Review of Reviews (due to illness, read by his son)

1928 June 11
Frank Pierrepont Graves, President University of State of New York (SUNY?)

1927 June 13
John H. Finley, editor New York Times

1926 June 14
S. Parkes Cadman, Central Congregation Church

1925 June 15
James John Davis, Secretary of Labor

1924 June 9
Frank Orren Lowden, Governor of Illinois 1917-1921

1923 June 11
John Matthew Gries, Chief of Division of Buildings and Housing U.S. Department of Commerce

1922 June 12
William Oxley Thompson, President Miami U 1891-1899, President Ohio State U 1899-

1921 June 14
Atlee Pomerene, Senator from Ohio

1920 June 15
Evans Woollen, President, Fletcher Savings and Trust Co. (Indianapolis)

1919 June 17
J.Duncan Spaeth, Professor of English Princeton University

1918 May 28
Major G.A.M. Woodcock (Machine Gun Corps, Camp Sherman Ohio)

1917 June 7
President Hollis Godfrey Drexel Institute

1916 June 8
President Guy Potter Benton University of Vermont

1915 June 10
Frank B. Willis, Governor of Ohio

1914 June 18
Frederico A. Pezet Minister from Peru to the U.S.

1913 June 19
James M. Cox Governor of Ohio

1912 June 13
Rev Josiah Strong (President American Institute of Social Services NYC)

1911 June 15
James Burrill Angell, President Emeritus of Univ of Michigan

1910 June 16
Henry Smith Pritchett, President, Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching

1909 June 17
Reverend Lyman Abbott, also editor of the Outlook; Brander Matthews, Columbia University

1908 June 18
Rev Frank Wakely Gunsaulus

1907 June 20
Reverend Newell Dwight Hillis

1906 June 14
Jonathan P. Dolliver (U.S. Senator Iowa)

1905 June 15
William Howard Taft, Secretary of war

1904 June 16
Mr. Wellman

1903 June 11
Reverend William Frazier McDowell

1902 June 12
Reverend James D. Moffat, President of Washington and Jefferson College

1901 June 13
David Philipson (address)

1900 June 14
Rev J.P.E. Kumler

1899 June 15
Whitelaw Reid, statesman, class of 1856

1898 June 9
Lewis B. Gunckel

1897 June 17
President Charles F. Thwing
1896 June 18 Reverend Robert Christy Galbraith

1895 June 20
John Shaw Billings, class of 1857

1894 June 21
Lewis W. Ross, class of 1852

1893 June 14 John W. Noble

1892 June 15
E. E. White

1891 June 17
Farewell address of President Ethelbert D. Warfield

1890 June 19
Jasper E. Campbell, Governor of Ohio

1889 June 20
Calvin S. Brice, class of 1863 [“Address on behalf of the Alumni]

1888 June 18  

1887   W. Cumback, Indiana

1886-1974   No Commencements

1873 June 11-12
A. R. Byrkett [Address to the Literary Societies]

1872 June 12-13
Dr. G. Volney Dorsey [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1871 June 28-29
Orzo J. Dodds [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1870 June 29-30
Reverend Joseph F. Tuttle, President, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1869 June 21, 23, 24
E. D. Mansfield, Morrow [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1868 July 1-2
Jacob D. Cox, Cincinnati [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1867 June 26-27
Professor James D. Butler, Madison, Wis. [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1866 June 27-28
Reverend George S. Fullerton, Sandusky, Ohio [Address before the Alumni Society]

1865 June 26-27
David Swing [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1864 June 29-30
Chauncey N. Olds [Address before the Erodelphian and Union Literary Societies]

1863 July 1
Reverend J. H. Moffat, Princeton, N.J. [Address before the Erodelphian, Eccritean, and Union Literary Societies]

1862 July 3  

1861 June 26
D. W. Voorhees, Terre Haute [Address before the Erodelphian, Eccritean, and Union Literary Societies]

1860 July 5
Ralph Waldo Emerson [Address before the Erodelphian, Eccritean, and Union Literary Societies]

1859 July 7  

1858 June 30-July 1  

1857 July 1  

1856 June 26  

1855 June 29
Reverend Dr. Smith [Address before the Erodelphian and Eccritean Literary Societies
Reverend Levi H. Christian [Address before the Union Literary Society]

1854 June 28
Dr. Thomas [Address before the Union Literary Society]

1853 June 30  

1852 June 24  

1851 June 27  

1850 August 8  

1849 August 9  

1848 August 10  

1847 August 12  

1846 August 13  

1845 August 14  

1844 August 8  

1843 August 9-10 J. C. Moffat [Address before the Union Literary Society]

1842 August 11  

1841 August 12  

1840 August 13  

1839 August 8  

1838 August 9  

1837 September 27  

1836 September 28  

1835 September 30  

1834 September 24  

1833 September 25  

1832 September 26  

1831 September 28  

1826-30   No speakers or dates extant.