MUAA Board

The Miami University Alumni Association Board of Directors is comprised of 20 volunteers who represent Miami alumni worldwide. An advisory board, they provide support with programs, planning and focusing the efforts of the alumni association.

Service involves three/four meetings in Oxford during each of the three years as a director. The business of the board is to advise the association on its alumni programming initiatives and to help promote those initiatives across the country.

Upcoming Board Meetings

September 15-16, 2017 Homecoming (tentative)
November 3-4, 2017


Your Volunteer Leadership


Gail Kist-Kline ‘83Gail Kist-Kline ’83, M.S. ’88, Ph.D. ’95
Liberty Township, OH
(Term: 2013-2018)

Stephen Snyder ‘73 Stephen Snyder ’73, M.B.A. ’75
President Elect
Oxford, OH
(2015-2018/Deborah ’73)


Kenneth Todd ‘91Kenneth Todd ’91
Immediate Past President
New York, NY  
(Term: 2013-2018)


Amy Altman ‘93Amy Lynn Altman, ’93, M.S. ’96 
Round Rock, TX
(Term: 2015-2017)

Stephanie Simon Bartos ’05Stephanie Simon Bartos ’05
Fairview Park, OH
(Term 2016-2018)

Tonya Dawson '03Tonya Dawson '03
Glen Allen, VA
(Term 2017-2019)

Melissa Fisher ’81Melissa Fisher ’81
Committee Chair
Columbus, OH
(Term 2016-2018)

Scott Glaser ’90Scott Glaser ’90
Committee Chair
Upper Arlington, OH
(Term 2016-2018)

Jeffrey Kujawa ’91Jeffrey Kujawa ’91
Centerville, OH
(Term 2016-2018)

Suraj Maraboyina ‘01

Suraj Maraboyina 01
Committee Chair
Cincinnati, OH


Terence Moore ‘78Terence Moore 78
Smyrna, GA 
(Term: 2013-2018)

Louise Morman ’75Louise Morman ’75
Tarrytown, NY
(Term 2016-2018)

Deb Scott ‘70Deborah Howard Scott ’70, M.E. ’75
Springdale, OH 
(Term: 2013-2018)

David Shuffelton '66David Shuffelton '66
Fort Loramie, OH
(Term: 2017-2019)

Brett Stover '86 Brett Stover 86
Cincinnati, OH
(Term: 2015-2017)


Stacy Hance Tholking ’98Stacy Hance Tholking ’98
Fayetteville, AR  72703
(Term 2016-2018)

Ashley Walters ‘05 Ashley Walters 05
Mason, OH
(Term: 2015-2017)


Sophia Siambekos Weibel ’90Sophia Siambekos Weibel ’90
Naperville, IL  60540
(Term 2016-2018)

Ambassador Pin

The pin to recognize former Directors of the Miami University Alumni Association borrows from Miami University’s Native American roots.

  • The medicine wheel design is an important ceremonial and cultural symbol for many Native Americans, including the Miami Tribe.
  • The wheel is a symbolic representation of the cycle of life.
  • The four directional arrows represent the four Spirit Keepers and their animal totems:
    • Buffalo in the North, whose color is that of the snow for his are the qualities of renewal and purification:
    • Eagle to the East, whose clear vision brings awakening, illumination, and wisdom and thus wears golden feathers of dawn:
    • Coyote in the South, with his ability to teach and survive, will bring growth and being and his are the colors of the fertile earth:
    • and finally Bear, whose strength and foresight place him as chief of the Animal Council, and whose color is the blue of twilight as it merges with the black of night, for blue is the color of spiritual strength and black is the color of one looking into the formlessness from which all things come.
  • The colors also represent the four elements of the world and the universe: fire, earth, water, and air. Into the center of the wheel, we have placed the red “M” which is symbolic of Miami University. It is Miami University which is the central focus of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.
  • The colors of Miami University, red and white, are prominent in the pin’s design.

The pin identifies former Directors of the Alumni Association as they participate in the activities of the Association and the University. It is symbolic of extraordinary volunteer service. The design of the pin and the language of its description were approved by Chief Floyd E. Leonard of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, March 1993. The description of the wheels is from The Medicine Wheel by Sun Bear.