Ghost Biker

It is well known that a drive on the roads surrounding Oxford can be dangerous. According to one legend, dangerous curves, oncoming traffic, speeders, and drunken drivers may not be the only things waiting for you on your trip. This tale begins with a young Oxford man riding his motorcycle on Oxford-Milford road. The man was in a hurry; he was going to propose to his girlfriend who lived on Earhart Road.

But fate intervened before cyclist arrived at his destination. Missing a sharp turn, the motorcycle flew off the road and cyclist was decapitated by a barbed-wire fence. It is said that death did not deter our cyclist, and that he is still today trying to reach his girl friend's house to pop the question.

In order to see him, you should drive to the girl friend's old Earhart road home, currently owned by a Mr. Falk, and park facing south. If you flash your headlights three times, you may see the headlight of the ghost motorcycle focusing straight ahead, only to disappear as it approaches the fatal curve. If, by chance, the cycle light does not disappear, it is recommended that you drive quickly away in the opposite direction.