Mysteries and Ghost Stories

Miami Mysteries and Ghost Stories 


Use these links to listen to Dr. Shriver's discuss some Miami mysteries and ghost stories.

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Thobe's Fountain
Before his death, stonemason Harry Thobe gave the University a little something to ensure that his name would continue to be spoken by future generations.

Ogden Hall
Legend has it that Ogden Hall is surrounded by an underground wall. Is this fact or fiction?

Henry Snyder
In 1898, the fresh remains of popular chemistry professor Henry Snyder were discovered in his Brice Hall laboratory. Was it a suicide, an accident, or something more sinister?

Peabody Hall
In the nineteenth century the antics of Miami men were a frequent source of irritation to Western College for Women president Helen Peabody. Now it is said that her ghost regularly returns to Peabody Hall to seek its revenge.

Reid Hall Murder
Two hand prints serve as grim reminders of grisly events that occurred on campus in 1959.

Wilson Hall
Wilson Hall, formerly known as "The Pines" was built in 1924 as a hospital for those with mild mental and emotional disorders, was leased to Miami as a residence hall in 1936. It is said to be haunted by former patients.