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Peace Corps’ strength is real people helping each other
Alumni devote two years to the Peace Corps, intent on helping to change others’ lives, only to come home transformed themselves. Page 24. Illustration by Lilly Pereira.

The Humane Connection
Shawn Dubberly ’09 answered her phone and was stumped. She didn’t know the caller, yet the Moroccan woman was inviting her somewhere and wanted her to come daba (now). “Daba, daba,” the woman excitedly repeated and hung up. Come where? Dubberly was seven months into her service as a Peace Corps volunteer in a rural Moroccan village. She was learning the local Arabic language, Darija. But stripped of body language and eye contact, this phone conversation was nearly incomprehensible to her.

World Champions — Has a Nice Ring to it
Nate Halm ’08 is part of the “RedHawks Nine,” a team within a team in the Cubs front office. These alums handle everything from finance to parking to VIP seating. They’re one of the club’s largest alumni contingents, and the “most vocal and maybe most annoying group that works here,” Halm said. “There’s certainly not a lack of Miami pride in the Cubs front office.”

Miami Friends, American Heroes
Only days before, Terry Graves ’67 had graduated from The Basic School in Quantico. Designated a U.S. Marine Corps second lieutenant at Miami’s spring 1967 commencement six months earlier, he’d returned to campus for three precious days with his fiancée, Sylvia Beam ’68. After hugging her goodbye outside Hamilton Hall, he’d walked two blocks south to the freshman dorm for a heart to heart with his younger brother, Rick. From here he would head to Camp Pendleton near San Diego. Then Vietnam.

Miami Shines in Service
During my first day on the job at Miami, while Renate and I were visiting the three campuses, a Hamilton student handed me a wooden nickel to pass along when I see someone do a good deed. The coin is part of Project Civility...

To and From the Editor

Campus News Highlights

Race the Ohio

Stunning Blooms, Research Discoveries
John “Jack” Keegan, greenhouse manager and botany instructor, enjoys watching others discover the lives hidden behind the whitewashed windows protecting delicate leaves from harsh sunlight.

Hoping to Ease the Pain
When Laura Dewire ’14 asked her first- and second-graders to draw pictures of their families, she wasn’t prepared for 7-year-old Kailen’s.

Life, Love, & The Lancer
It was the fall of 1971 and the official start of my senior year in Oxford. I was going to live off campus on Sycamore Street. … With visions of Uptown movie nights at Talawanda Theatre, football games, and romantic strolls along Slant Walk, life seemed next to perfect … only it wasn’t.

High Energy CEO
Driven by evolving customer expectations, rapidly changing technologies, and new public policies, the energy industry will go through more change in the next 20 years than in the past century, predicts Lynn Jones Good ’81, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Duke Energy, one of America’s largest electric power companies.

Notes, News, and Weddings

Summer 2017 Obituaries

Game, Set, Match
Tennis, like football and baseball, started as a club at Miami in the late 1880s. Hard to believe these days, but students apparently “sneered” at the mere mention of athletics up until that time.


Summer 2017 Miamian cover


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