Northwest Ohio Chapter

There are more than 3,200 Miami alumni in the Northwest Ohio area!

Chapter Leadership

Megan McNamara '15

VIce President
Rachel Keesey '13

Board Members
Corey Smith '13
Deb Wallace '03
Ellen Pittman '70

Upcoming Northwest Ohio Chapter Events

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Northwest Ohio Chapter Scholarship

Did you know your area alumni chapter has a scholarship fund?

The Northwest Ohio Chapter has an endowed scholarship which awards one scholarship annually to a student from this area. The most recent scholarship recipient is Christopher Figy. If you know this student, congratulate him on receiving this scholarship. Also, if you know of high school students considering applying for admission to Miami, let them know that the local chapter provides this support. Scholarships are a critical need of the University. Your support can help the fund to grow, providing additional scholarships for students from the Toledo area.

Please consider supporting the Northwest Ohio Chapter Scholarship.