Apply to MUSF

To learn more about MUSF, please make plans to attend one of the scheduled Information Sessions.

If you have any other questions about membership in MUSF, please contact Connor Pavon ( or Tessa Wadsworth  ( the Vice Presidents of Membership.

Thank you again for your interest in MUSF and we look forward to meeting you.


Example New Member Application

Full Name:


Campus Address:

Contact Phone:

Email Address:

Permanent Home Address:

City, State and Zip Code:


Parent(s)’ Name(s):

T-Shirt Size:  

How did you find out about MUSF?

Please type your responses to the following essay questions on a separate sheet of paper.  Take time to answer these questions with thought and consideration:

  1. MUSF’s motto is “Students helping students, past, present and future.” Why do you think these three components (past, present, and future) are an important aspect of our organization?
  2. Why do you want to be a part of MUSF and what do you think you can add to our organization?

Please attach a copy of your résumé or an activities list

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Vice Presidents of Membership, Connor Pavon ( or Tessa Wadsworth  (

On behalf of the Miami University Student Foundation, we wish you the best of luck.