The Miami University Student Foundation (MUSF), founded in 1972, is dedicated to developing and providing scholarships to Miami Students. Our foundation aids the student leader, fulfils campus needs and strengthens the Miami community through high standards of leadership, devotion to the unity of the community and a strong passion and love for Miami.


History of the logo:


Current Logo:



Although the idea for a student foundation is not unique to Miami University, MUSF is different from other student alumni associations/foundations throughout the country.  This uniqueness results from the philosophy and goals of the organization which cater to the atmosphere of Miami.  MUSF has taken many shapes since it was founded in 1972.

The student foundation is currently comprised of five committees and two Executive Council positions:

Executive Chair (Leads the organization, manages budgets, manages and promotes sponsorships)

Vice Chair of Internal Relations (Bus Trips, Attendance, Dues, Meeting Minutes)

Alumni Relations Committee [ARCOM] (Hosting the President’s Box at football games and graduation, VIP Campus Tours, M-Book, Alumni Newsletter, student representative on Homecoming Board, and Student Representative for the Young Alumni Council)

Membership Committee [MEMCOM] (Recruitment, retention, and training of new and current members, social activities)

Traditions [TRIAD] (Student representative on the homecoming committee, homecoming house decorating contest, decorates the President’s house, Miami Merger Valentine’s Day Upham Arch program, Charter Day Mix and Mingle)

Senior Week and Parent’s Auction [SPACOM] (Coordinates with Students for the M Fund, hosts Senior Week Activities, hosts annual Parents Auction)

Students for the M Fund [GIFTCOM] (Heads ‘Students for the M Fund’ committee, runs Student’s For the M-Fund’s Senior Gift fundraising campaign, Gradfest)



MUSF Mission

  • Ever-Growing Student Scholarships
    • The primary task of MUSF is to develop these student scholarships in order to retain and promote the best students on campus.
  • Dedication to Miami University Excellence
    • MUSF programming and efforts must exemplify the dedication that most students have to make Miami the best it can be and show those who lack the dedication how they can build their own dedication.
  • Commitment to an Enhanced Student Experience
    • MUSF exists to provide a students with fundamental feelings of excitement and passion for Miami.
  • Professional Leadership
    • Involvement in MUSF allows members to grow in their leadership style and become more professional leaders.

MUSF Vision

The Miami University Student foundation will be the standard for campus organizations.  Through implementation of the MUSF Philosophy, MUSF will have successfully implemented policies and programs to achieve these objectives:

  • MUSF will unify the Miami student population.
  • MUSF will foster a positive and professional image of Miami.
  • MUSF will empower student leaders who will be sought after by the Miami communities.
  • MUSF will generate active and apparent Love and Honor for Miami.
  • MUSF will fulfill unmet campus opportunities.
  • MUSF will adapt through entrepreneurial innovation.
  • MUSF will build a foundation of future alumni leadership.

MUSF Goals

  • Cultivation of Unified Community
    • MUSF will strive to be the campus leader in developing projects that involve all facets of campus life to promote the Miamian ideal of one campus, one heart.
  • Conscientious Leadership Development
    • As leaders MUSF members will learn to be aware of themselves as well as their surroundings in order to better serve the Miami community.
  • Member Education
    • Educating MUSF members is crucial to fostering love and commitment to the Miami Community.  MUSF members will strive to understand and learn the history of MUSF, the history of Miami, through an active program potential.
  • Alumni Advising
    • The alumni board is an integral part of MUSF development.  With the guidance and knowledge of former Miamians, MUSF will continue to lead the Miami community.  Also the MUSF advisor plays an important role in connecting the alumni body’s ideas with the students of MUSF and provides support for the Foundation’s efforts.
  • Communication
    • Strategically important, communication is imperative within MUSF as well as outside of MUSF.  Open lines of communication will allow MUSF to flourish as a catalyst for unification among all campus organizations. 
  • Member Recruitment
    • As our most important asset, our members will be informed and ready to lead MUSF into the next level.  Recruiting the best members those who have a strong vision and the will to achieve great things is essential for the Foundation.
  • Lifelong Dedication to Miami University Excellence
    • Through the implementation of the MUSF Philosophy, Foundation Members and those affected by the Foundation, will surely dedicate themselves to promoting the welfare and excellence that surrounds Miami University. 
  • Student Scholarships
    • Continue to provide support of Miami students through student scholarships, with a hope to increase the number of scholarships given each year.